2015 Kasım Yazısı
A human tragedy : Refugees

Migration of human beings from one place to another has always happened throughout mankind history due to certain imposed restrictions and problems they faced in the area in which they lived. Our ancestors who came from African plains initially migrated to Egypt and then they spread to all the other continents. Those migrations which our ancestors first started continued throughout centuries because of certain crucial probllems like famine , terrible disasters , disease and occupying territories. Our ancestors migrated from Middle Asia to inside Anatolia because of several reasons.

Considering the recent developments in technology and science the proportion of such migrations should have been decreased. In contrast, it has been gone up to an important extent. Undoubtedly the drama of Moslim refugees that we all watch on tv lively is not such a drama that just has happened recently. I would like to ask the authorities whether the thieves are innocent or not. To me , the western developed countries are directly responsible for that. Especially , after the first world war they exploited the puppet countries whose borders were drawn with a ruler by those rich countries. They exploited them for a long time by the puppet dictators and caused spreading of the seeds of instability.

After the second world war the indepence of those countries was given under their control and became independent economically. They got rich by exchanging oil and underground resources with human rights and low-standart democracy just like bartering two goods. The human rights which were essential for them were not so neccesary for those countries. When their dictators showed even a simple reaction they organized colourful coups and operations and kept them under their control again. Mubarek , Kaddafi, and Saddam were some pawns of that game and they were punished when the conditions were appropriate. Eventually , Afganistan , Libya , Iraq and Syria were taken into civil war under the name of establishing democracy. We see that those western countries are trying to share the increased number of refugees. This terrible situation can be summarized by Mustafa Kemal's word Humanity is all one body and each nation must be regarded as an organ of it. It affected all the other organs of the body the pain at the tip of a finger Let me ask the vital question that should be answered as soon as possible. How can rich western countries and Baltic countries isolate themselves from suffering world ? In order to see the reality how many beaches in the world should be covered with the corpses of children ?

Let's talk about the core of the problem. Forget the imperialist west for a while but unawareness of Moslim World about this tragic situation should be taken into consideration. We cant take any precautions and overcome such a vital problem by criticizing western countries. It's absolutely useless and wasting of time. Just consider a civizilation which became pioneer in the field of Maths ,Physics ,Astronomy, Science and Philosophy to the world. Harezm calculated the radius of the world in the desert and what İbni Sina did a revolution in medicine. Then what happened the invasion of the Mogols and the attacks of the crusaders stopped researches in science. However , in our religion it's recommended us to learn the science even if it is in China. Today our peace religioun is blackened by some bloody murderers , what is more, some dictators cause certain ethnic conflicts and people have to leave their territories and become refugees in other countries.

Apart from the tragic situation that I have underlined above I would like to attract the authorities attention on social seperation in my country. It is difficult to express that but if it goes on like this it may lead to individual armenent just like the situation in our southern neighbour. Shortly , we can say that such migration waves will never end if unawareness of Moslim and other western countries carry on. Of course, we all wish a world in which refugee boat disaster never happen and the corpses of children are never found by the sea.

Ali Ekinciel