May Article
An undesirable ally : Saudi Arabia

The kingdom of the Saudi Arabia has been always an undesirable allied for East and West worlds since its foundation. The reasons that led to this perception for Moslim countries, Vahhabi practises of Saudi dynasty , extreme proximity with Western powers , luxury life of the family of Saudi family , supporting for radical organizations. The lack of democracy and women rights , strict sharia laws and issues such as freedom of the press have already made Saudi Arabia as an unpleasant country on Western power eyes. Despite all of these negative features , Saudi Arabia is still an indispensable ally with its oil exports , developed economy , holly places and effection over the Arab countries.

There is no doubt turning point was birth of the İslam for Arab peninsula. The main reason of the shifting the center of gravity of Islam was changing capital city. In 1517 the keys of the holy places in the region to be given to Yavuz Sultan Selim was launching a 300-year Ottoman rule. In the centuries under Ottoman rule , empire's influence never reached the center of the peninsula and region was governed by local tribes for centuries. In 1740's , a religious scholar named Muhammad Abd Al-Wahhab with a tribal chiefs named Mohammed bin Suud fire burned the first revolt against the Ottomans. This first Saud state was destroyed by Ottoman governor Mohamed Ali Pasha's sons. Most of the members of the Saud family and the Wahhabi leaders were exile and executed in Istanbul. The rest of Saudi family rebelled again and established second Saudi state. This state destroyed by the Al-Rasheed state which was ally of the Ottoman. This rebellions would not be enough to put an end to the Wahhabi-Saudi partnership.

In 1902 , Abdulaziz al Suud who is the youngest member of Suud family seized Necd city with his 55 fellows. During the First World War, young tribal chiefs strengthened by the support of the British declared himself as a Hejaz king. The Republic of Turkey and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recognized eachoter first time in 1929. The turning point was the discovery of first oil fields in peninsula in 1938. After the Second World War , Saudi Arabia was the world's largest oil producer. ARAMCO oil company which was founded by US-Saudi coorperation are operating the largest oil fields today.

By the death of Abdülaziz Al Suud , Prince Suud elected as a king from Suud family has followed a passive foreign policy. Especially , by the growing effects of Egyptian president Gamal Abdel-Nasser's over Arab countries , King Suud estimated as a weak king from dynasty and He was forced to leave his throne. In 1970's , Tensions reached top level with İsrael. By the economic plan country has reached the level of developed countries. 1973 Arab-Israeli war in Western countries to implement the oil embargo of the country, has caused a spike in oil prices worldwide. The most important result of this crisis to go to Saudi ARAMCO company of all the shares of the state and has been the rapid development of the country. Architect of the this rising King Faisal assasinated and killed in 1975, left his place to his brother, King Khalid.

Firts act of the new king was all ties with Anwar Sadat of Egypt who had friendship treaty with Israel. The real disaster for the Saudis was 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution. In the same year the holy mosque in Mecca attacked by 250 militians and Saudi goverment took tough measures against the Shiite community. During the 1980s, USA and Saudi Arabia had closest relations because of Saudis fear of sectarian rebellion. Instead of his brother King Fahd, who died in 1982, new king had a pro-Western policy against militant religious policy. Saddam Hussein has been an enemy of the Saudi government the day it invaded Kuwait despite of supporting multi-billion dollar weapons during 8-year Iran-Iraq. King Fahd who was the major sponsors of Islamic organization, has worked to improve relations with other Muslim countries during his administration. 9/11 attackers were mostly Saudi citizens. This fact were damaging relations but didn't completely broke.

In 2005, King Fahd's death ruled the country today has taken place with Crown Prince Abdullah. Saudi dynast has been dealing with secterian conflict and Yemen problem at the moment. Saudi Arabia is with oil wealth, weight in the Gulf countries, the holy land to the case of one of the most important country in the region. King Abdullah is implementing an active policy in the region by establishing an Islamic army. Saudi Arabia is likely to be an undesirable ally in most countries in the coming years in the Middle East region where is divided by sectarian conflict.

Ali Ekinciel