March Article
Blessing of War

Fighting has always been synonymous with survival for our species HomoSapiens. By using our brain which is bigger than other creatures , our first victims had been wild animals and our human relatives , such as Neandartals. Being master of earth was not a reason of losing our warrior spirit. After the get rid off other spieces , it came to fight with eachother. From prehistory to the present day human beings continued to kill eachother by using religious conflicts , traditions , customs and racial differences.

Over the centuries , the most massive and the bloodiest wars of the world took place in the last 100 years. Human beings were forced to face the terrible cost of the two world wars that took place 20 years apart. Two world wars brought Europe continent into a wreck. More than 150 million people have died and the country's economies has collapsed in all over the world. If we look a hundred years ago from today , we will see a world which is divided into two poles and a colonial grabbing race among the developed countries. The leaders of 1900's used the glorification of military and war in order to impose their imperial desires to poor people. In the 1900's , recent model weapons , nice uniforms and yearning of the old imperial past were quite enough to make war inevitable and neccesary for the poor people.

At the first months of the 2016 , we can hear quite well of a massive war which is approaching day by day. The many reasons of the 100 years ago that lead world into the war shows parallels to our time. Today , our situation is that dominant powers of the world whose make proxy war in Syria are dragging the world into a disaster. At these days , we ar watching how to powerful goverments fool people by using deficiencies of the democracy and impose war to them. On the other hand , millions of people bless the war to return glory days of the empires. For now , the authorites say that fire in Syria will not lead to world into a mass global war. But this should not be forget , large fires outbreak from small sparks. We still remember that the reason of the First World War was declared war over the small Balkan state Serbia.

Nowadays , as if world seems wait such a spark. If we look around us , we can see that clearly people lost their faith in the peace and looking forward to the war. Tsarist Russia , The Persian Empire , The Arab Islamic State , the Holy Roman , Ottoman and Austria-Hungarian Empires... The massive crowds are carrying wood to war fire by believing their empires will rule the world again. The ugly truth is that these people never had devastation of the global wars. Undoubtedly , Hitler's Germany is the best example for the war-mongering socities. Massive crowds who trusted their Fuhrer's very deeply were able to wake up during the bombed everyday but it was very late. Admittedly , end of the who have dream of the empires will not be different from previous in this century.

It is time to tell the truth as it appears. Secterian strife and extremism is no longer regional in the Middle East. It also dragged the whole world into the 3rd largest disaster. The only power to speed up or stop this situation will be nations themselves. People will pay high price if they won't wake up from this woolgathering. By finishing my article , I wish days to all humanity without terror and war.

Ali Ekinciel