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Yazılarım January Article ( Endless Nightmare : Terror )

The rising wave of terrorism has threatened the whole world in recent years by following instability in the Middle East. Even the most developed Europen countries are aware that their citizens are not safe. Especially in these barbaric assaults that our country is often targeted last year , dozens of security officers, innocent civilians and foreign tourists lost their lives. The barbarian attack on the first day of 2017 shows that terrorism will continue to be a trouble for us ıf enough precautions are not taken in this year as well. So can we do something to wake up from this endless nightmare ?

As I mentioned in my previous articles, I do not think there is a need to say that the leaders of all countries should be sincere in order to get rid of terror. Regardless of ideological closeness, all countries should adopt a common attitude towards terrorist organizations if they do not want to be the next target. This attitude should be more than publish condemnation message after each attack. Such as establishing an organization that is at least as large as NATO. International community should update the list of terrorist organizations and take serious steps to resolve their terror resources. Countries or institutions that provide arms, money or logistical support to terrorist organizations, either openly or implicitly, need to be punished with embargoes and sanctions.

It is a known fact that the terrorist organizations such as Isıs, Nusra, Pkk originating from the Middle East are rooted in the instability environment of Syria and Iraq. The recent ceasefire agreement between Turkey, Russia and Iran has been a good step for the region. Because the expectation of the pleasures of the US or the Western countries for peace is also the caused of civilian deaths until this day. From here, it is necessary to work together with these 3 countries in order to end the criminal terrorist organizations.

So far I have to point out the need for foreign policy in the fight against terrorism. I should also underline that this is not enough. It is also clear that the increase in polarization between our people is the basis of terrorism. Especially, I think that it is necessary to take precautions on Twitter, where hate speech is increasing day by day. Regardless of their ideology ,it is necessary to close all accounts that threaten people with death and sharing hatred and sectarian messages.

It is a known fact that in the first half of the new year, the greatest problem of our country is terrorism. The way to get rid of this trouble is normalizing on the inside and outside. We must not forget that social peace is the only way out for unattended and peaceful tomorrows. The most important task for securing this trust environment is to fall first to politicians and then to common-sense citizens of this country. We should not get out of our mind division only leads to the end of our community. Especially we can see what is going on in Iraq and Syria nowadays. While finishing the first article of the new year , I wish peaceful tomorrows to all mankind.

Ali Ekinciel