December Article
Syria : A confederation of armed organizations

When The Middle East 400 years of Ottoman rule ended, the Arab nations were waiting for their promised independence. But they didnt keep their promises and England would occupy Palestine , France would occupy Lubanon and Syria. French goverment never put stone on stone and they didnt provide local people needs in Syria. The only thing they did weaken Arab nationalism and deepen the ethnic and sectarian differences in Syria.The Syrian army formed into a complex structure with appointments made in these years would give direction to the future of all countries in the next year.

End of the Second World War , tired France was dealing with his own problems and completely withdrawn from Syria. Syria which was managed by governor for centuries had indepence shadow of the coups. First of CIA and English backed 2 coup behind followed Nusayri and Sunni genrals coups in 1954 and 58. During these years, it established the two mainstream view in Syria. one of them was Baas Party which was established by Arab intellectuals and other one was Arab Socialist Party. This parties played an active role in the management of the country by combined Western hostility. This alliance created a single country united with Egypt in in opposition to the West. The war with Israel would lead to a huge defeat will return and the occupation of the Golan Heights. From the Syrian army in the frustration of defeat 3 Nusayri general management excelling in a coup in 1966. They separated land seized from Egypt. Neo-Baathist generals, one of the three air force commander who was a passionate commander named Hafez al-Assad.

In 1970 , Ambitious general Hafez Esad became Syrias one man by carried out coup against his two fellow general. The big defeat had been waiting for Syria in Esad's third term. Despite of this heavy defeat , Esad continued govern Syria alone with the support of Nusayri generals and secret service. 1980's was fraud , corruption , bribery and economic crise for Syria.In this caos atmosphere Moslim brotherhood was born in Syria. Organization first target was state officials and security forces.Afterwards they attempted unsuccesfull assasination to Esad. The answer of the regimes was completely massacre. Esad forces entered to Hama city where is heart of the organization and they have killed nearly 20.000 Moslim brotherhood members. Who can get rid of this deadly impact they fled abroad and the Muslim Brotherhood completely disappeared in Syria. Assads Syria was forced to make peace with the West by the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990's. Our southern neighbor sided with USA during the Gulf War.Even if they sent troops to Iraq. And Syria got the financial aid in return.

When Hafez Assad died in 2000 he left a corrupt dictatorship and ready to blast his son Bashar.Bashar Assad decided govern Syria got support from Army and secret service like his father. He choosed by %90 vote as a president in fake elections and ignored public anger. Finally country who has many ethnic and sects inside became explode by Arap rising. Sunnis ignited the wick who is excluded from the goverment for many years. World was thinking Assad will overthrown such as Gaddafi , Mubarek and Bin Ali. At this moment Kurds and dissident sunnis got clash in North Syria which was a golden opportunity for Assad Nusayris, S√ľnni Arabs , Kurdish groups , Turkmens ve cihadis selefis...The murdering own people of Assads by addeing West intervention, arms trade and ISIS terror result was a ciwil war which is in fourth year , millions of refugee , and a global crise spread to the world. The current state of the our southern neighbour is confederation of the armed groups.

In my pont of view , the hidden side of a matter is the secterian conflict which started 1300 years ago and reason of the unrest of the Middle East. This bleeding wound in the Middle East is the invisible part of the iceberg in Syria.While Shiite world is trying to remain Nusayri Assad , Sunni countries are trying overthrow to Assad. Western countries cant give up Sunni countries in order to keep army bases and oil revenues. On the other hand Russia is supporting Iran and Assad in order to has to right to comment on mediternian. For this moment Assad has more than one card to continue his regime with support of Russia , Iran , Hizbollah and Hamas.

The flame is increasing and spreading rapidly across the world over Paris attacks and the plane crisis between Turkey and Russia. The main task of the world leaders is to reach a concensus on fighting against the ISIS instead of intervent individually. I wish that the fire in Syria won't spread so much in the world as I finish my article.

Ali Ekinciel