August Article
Dead-end street: Military Coups

Military coups is a phenomenon which can seen many times throughout the centuries. A new one from this kind of military coup took place the night of July 15 and fortunately this attempt was dismissed by the great effort of Turkish people , media and politicans. Before talking about this failed coup attempt I would like to mention that why I called military coups as a dead end street at the title of my article.

if we look back throughout the history , we see that military goverments never brought benefits to the any country. Moreover , these countries which governed by military junta have isolated from the world and dragged into big disasters as a ciwil war. Also cause the collapse of the great empires is military intervention in politics as known first military coupincident of Jul Caesar's assassination in Roma Senato. And no doubt the biggest reason of collapse of Ottoman Emparor was military policies over goverment which was beginning with murder of young Osman and extending to İttihat Terakki's disastrous policies.

In the current century , At the end of the military coups with the support of the imperialist countries caused bloody dictators came to the job and they have shed the blood of their own people for years. During the Cold War, particularly the US -backed coup has brought untold suffering to the world's oppressed country. Especially in areas where military coups frequently have taken place in backyard of the United States that Latin America is not a coincidence. While CIA-funded coups was demolishing Brazil and Argetina's , Dictator Pinochet in Chile, Fujimori in Peru have slaughtered their own people with torture indoor stadiums. Middle East is another region where the military coups are often seen. While Iran's national politician Mossadegh overthrow by West hands in the 1953 caused a major trauma in Persian people , it has led to the opening of the path to the revolution in the country. Problems such as Gaddafi's bloody dictatorship in Libya, Saddam 's brutal rules in Iraq , Assad's massacres in Syria and Egypt's last coup have turned the countries into rubble. The reason for the present situation of the bloodshed in the Middle East are undoubtedly past military governments that came to power with the support of Western countries.

European countries have also suffered a lot from the military junta after the First World War. Hitler and Mussolini who were taken to disastrous their countries , needless to say, they were of military origin. The longest military dictatorships in Spain had Franco and Salazar government in Portugal in continental Europe and they persecution of its own people during their fascist government. Our neighbour in Greece , The colonel junta did coup d'état in 1967 and by isolating country from the world , caused major problems in Cyprus.

Finally we return to our country. May 27, 1960 coup in the hanging of the prime minister of the country and caused it Turkey's isolation from the world. The 1971 memorandum was launched darkest days by by restricting freedoms. And finally we are all know today , The bloodiest coup September of 12 is the source of separatist terror and all the evils that we live today by his executions, arrests, murders and prisons. February 28 , 27 April e-memorandum , and finally the 15 July attempt... By finishing my article with the famous words of Ismet İnönü , hoping that these undemocratic events will not happen again.

"The worst civilian rule is better than the best military dictatorship."

I wish you days without coup...

Ali Ekinciel